Over 6,000 companies use Maître to grow their mailing list, get more leads and grow their business.

“It took 10 minutes to customise the widget. We launched the page and told our 800 Kickstarter backers. By Monday the virality had taken over and we had 15,000 sign-ups.”

Jake Bronstein - Founder, Whistler Wash

Your referral campaign on autopilot

When it comes to referral marketing, user engagement is key to build a sustainable and scalable strategy.

Automation emails are our built-in, behaviour-triggered emails to keep your subscribers enagaged throughout your entire contest.

For example you can send them an email when they sign up or refer a friend or when they reach a milestone you choose.

Best of all, you can use your own HTML and customize every detail. This way you also don't need to use expensive autoresponders and can save money!

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40% extra engagement

Campaigns that use Automation emails achieve on average 40% more engagement and referrals.

Make it personal

You can use merge tags to include your subscribers's personal information.

High level stats

See how many people open your emails, click through and refer a friend or even unsubscribe.

Increase your sales

Incentivize your customers to invite their friends in exchange for coupon codes.

You simply need to upload your coupon codes and choose when subscribers receive them (eg: get a 20% discount code when inviting 3 friends).

We have built our technology to be simple and flexible. You will be able to send coupon codes when your subscribers sign up, refer a specific amount of friends, or when they become inactive.

With high-level stats you always know how many coupons have been sent and when.

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Advanced analytics

Power is nothing without control. Maître easily allows you to determine ‘the who, what and where’ of your referral campaign.

Maître automatically tracks visits and conversions from each marketing channel (Facebook, Twitter, even custom channels) so you know where you should invest you marketing money. We go as far as tracking your subscribers device and country.

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Advanced anti fraud tools

One of the biggest problems with referral programs is people who try to game the system. Maître offers you an advanced anti-fraud algorithm (called MAFA) that works for you 24/7, in real time.

With one click you can approve or disqualify subscribers who have been flagged by our system: this means you spend less time chasing cheaters and more time working on your business.

You can also integrate with ReCaptcha, use two-step verifications with SMS and create your personal blacklist.

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Smart leaderboard

Traditional leaderboards show the first 3 to 10 people in the list. The problem is that the last people who subscribe see the TOP subscribers too far ahead and lose interest. What's more exciting, instead, is if a subscriber can see how many people they need to refer in order to skip to the "next level".

This is exactly what our "smart" leaderboard does: it adapts to each subscriber by showing them a portion of the leaderboard that will make them excited and more likely to refer their friends.

“We love Maître. The virality of their solution increased sign-ups by more than 50% from day one.”

James Wyman - Founder, Pillo

Your campaign, your style

Maître is elegant yet completely customisable. You can use our premade, mobile responsive, templates or you can use your own CSS to match your website's look & feel.

Best of all everything is customizable through the online dashboard and you don't need to be a developer!

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Integrate Maître with the apps you love

Maître integrates perfectly with the tools you love, including over 500 external services such as Mailchimp, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Wordpress, Hubspot, Slack and many more.

Other features

Embed on any page

You can embed our widgets on any page and you don't need to be a developer.

Unlimited sign-ups

Unlike other referral tools on the market we don't punish you for having more sign-ups.

Secure and Reliable

Banking quality SSL encryption and an uptime of greater than 99.99% means that you can rely on Maître.

Customize every detail

Maître can be customized in granular details if you are a developer. Check our docs.

One-click signups

Have an existing list and don't want them to sign-up again? Just send them a link, we'll do the rest.


You can translate all the text into any language you want. Yep, even 日本語

Import ∞ emails

Kick-off your campaign with your existing mailing list.

Social sharing

All the popular platforms (incl. Whatsapp, Reddit & LinkedIn) and even a few niche sites.


Our webhooks allow your application to receive information about events, such as a new signup, as they occur.

Create your referral campaign in 60 seconds

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